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Friday, 14 March 2008

The Social Millionaire : Future Millionaire Project

What is the Social Millionaire?

The Social Millionaire is the website of a young entrepreneur raising a million dollars from social networks. This website connects consumers from all the major social networks to advertisers who want to reach this audience by keywords.

The goal is to raise a million dollars while having a huge number of friends from all the social networks. The million dollars will then be used to start up a few internet companies.

Who is behind the Social Millionaire?

My name is Pat Hankinson; I am 19 years old and from Canada. I am a young internet entrepreneur and I have run several websites some of which have been failures and some successful. My websites have been published in a couple newspapers and one big-name magazine.

I have notepads upon notepads of business ideas but I have narrowed down my ideas to a couple that I am going to pursue.Is the goal obtainable?Some social networks have hundreds of millions of users! If a fraction of those users gave a dollar, earning a million dollars would be very possible.

How do keywords work?

The keyword system is very simple! Advertisers can pay any price starting at $1 for any keyword. The advertiser who pays the highest for a certain keyword will appear the highest. If two advertisers bid under the same keyword for the same price the advertiser who bought first will appear higher.

It is going to be a bidding war so buy early! Click here to buy!

Why would I want to buy a keyword?

Think of me as your sales staff! I am going to be working very hard to bring a lot of people to this website from press and my profiles on social networks. Those visiting The Social Millionaire will immediately see a list of keywords which will relate to your product. This means you will have very targeted traffic to your advertisement and excellent conversions.

If you are skeptical I suggest trying us out at a lower price and if you see good return then to keep moving up the ladder. Remember we only charge a minimum of $1.00 per keyword but those who pay more and act quicker will have higher advertisement placement within the keyword.

If you decide to take the plunge and become part of what might be the next big thing, make sure you check out where Pat hangs out and become his friend.

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