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- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Monday, 21 April 2008

1st Posting-exchange by guest blogger on my blog

Guest Blogger : Balidreamhome

The facets of Indonesia

How many of the world citizens actually know the fact that Indonesia Motto is Unity in Diversity (Bhineka Tunggal Ika) as the result from a very deep thought by Indonesia Founding Father also Indonesian 1st President.

With population more than 250 million people, more than 300 ethnic groups who speak over 250 distinct languages you can found everything in Indonesia, from it’s ancient Hindu – Javanese temples to Bali’s modern luxury resorts, from the stone-age lifestyle in Irian Jaya to the immense metropolis that is Jakarta.

The history of Indonesia as recorded are started at 1.7 million years ago and about 250.000 years a go the evidence of Solo-man known also as Homo erectus have been found dating back 2,500 centuries. Then several Kingdoms are in charge of Indonesia from Tarumanegara, Kutai, Singahasari, Majapahit and then the dark history e=when Indonesia under Dutch colonialism, short period of English rule by Thomas Stamford Raffles, and followed by National Awakening when all Indonesian student make a crucial and important statement “one nation, one language one people” back on 1928.

After another short but damaging colonialism by Japanese on 1942 and during the II world war Indonesia manage to proclaim its own independency as a republic under resistant of Dutch.

Indonesian then become a new born country whose suffering from hundreds of years colonialism and have nothing at all only their spirit as a nation, each of Indonesian has nothing in their head aside from keep the freedom! But surely the problems are raising up form the deferent thought, habits and culture unfortunately keeps going up to date!!

Under Suharto regime, it is looks like Indonesia become one of the fastest growing country in Asia, and economically earn their great achievement, but the truth is that the prosperity and the gradual development is only pseudo!! Day-light dream!! Indonesia suffering once again under severe global economic crisis, even today you still can see miserable effect cause by that event plus the chronic ‘society illness’ are endangering Indonesia as a nations, people are getting smarter and surpassing the ability (to accommodate the needs) of those parliament, government institution and mostly those old greedy politicians who always want to keep their dominance to rule the country not for the sake of its people but for their own glory.

Many society element are grouping themselves into an exclusive organization bringing up and shouting for their own agenda and the worst of it are most of them doesn’t realize that this country is NOT belongs to them but for everyone!! Prosperity are remain as a ‘luxury’ campaign agenda and become a ‘magic word’ for every party in getting their voters, the latest phenomena is that plenty of ‘dirty’ politicians are designing and founding new party to be use as the vehicle for them to come back into the circle of power! This is the dangerous latent and a set back which each of Indonesian has to aware of.

I really wish that Indonesian has maturity especially in understanding of those false and fake politicians and do not vote for bad party, use your vote wisely for the sake of Indonesia as a respectful country and also for the continuance of our country to be passed to our children, grand children and great, great grand children. Keep my fingers cross!!


  1. wah pak bono..makin mantap usaha.. gabungan contest dan exchange posting. bagus sekali idea itu. Ingat ya.. itu contest kita simpan dulu. Biar contest pak bono dengan bali habis..kemudian tidak lama lagi..ada contest lagi.. baru nanti pengunjung nampak aktif selalu.

    terima kasih yaaa "scratchback"

    btw, pak bono, syabas yaaa bonoriau udah page rank 1. :)


  2. Hi Bono,

    Thanks for post my article onto your blog,

    @ Rizal,

    What about you become my guest poster?


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