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Thursday, 8 May 2008

BonoRiau Zubli Zainordin Invites You Let's Write A Book On The Joy Of Blogging

Zubli Zainordin Avatar

Zubli Zainordin, again...I really respect


He is a super blogger from Indonesia, well like and love within the bloggosphere, who authors superb blogs including:

Make Money Online With Bonoriau

He knows the choice of language, comes up with catchy blog titles, attractive blog themes, and he posts quite regularly. He is smart in drawing in for traffic to his blogs, he is sincere in building an e-Community through worldwide friendships. Above all he is a giver, and at one of his blogs, my avatar is clearly published and my name and others too spread throughout his organized layout blog. I sure feel at home here.

I sense he is one who can really be a blogger who can team up with others and me especially and do one item that is nice, while benefits all.

I proposed to him, let us write a book on *Syoknya Blogging: Perkongsian Pengalaman Bloggers Malaysia dan Indonesia* (basically - The Joy Of Blogging (JOB) Sharing Indonesian and Malaysian Bloggers' Experiences).

Almost immediately he has responded with a yes. And more, tickling this idea with his blogging friends, and possibly expanding it to a point of organizing a contest.


I am for all these.

The God willing, I hope for total success, for both of us and all participants involved.

Let us see what shall happen next.

3 Cheers for Mr. BonoRiau!!!

This is brilliant ideas ...ayoh Indonesian & Malaysian Blogger kita jadikan ini kenyataan.!!!!


  1. I see Zubli has left his mark here! Three cheers for BONO! :)

  2. Mariuca - lets join the party lead by Zubli

  3. Hola Bono! You've been tagged! Have fun and have a great weekend. :)

  4. @Marzie - thanks for the Tagging ...U Tag I Follow ...mantap

    @Shinade - terima kasih thank you ..mantap(power) bisa(can) guna(use) bahasa melayu

  5. Sebaiknya kita mulakan dulu bonoriau, jika sudah nampak sedikit hasilnya, yang lain mudah sertai. Nanti kita bincang terus. Bisa berbisa deh...

  6. Zubli - Bisa deh ...June bisa mula. Mei busy sikit. Insyallah I'm traveling pertengahan Mei ni till early June.

  7. Bonoriau, InsyaAllah, June 2008 kita mulakan...Sukses Total!!!

  8. i like the idea pal. hopefully u can make it a big success. salam...

  9. Dengan dokongan semua, insyallah BERJAYA


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