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Thursday, 1 May 2008

My First Post As Your Guest Author - Zubli Zainordin

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Zubli Zainordin,

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Thank you for being so nice, I am really honored. I have a lot to blog about, yet, I have been thinking of what to post here. I got one, based on Mr Bonoriau's post.
Wednesday, 23 April 2008

World Food Crisis

So here we go...
The Is No World Food Crisis Ever!

Yes, let us put it this way as the premise.

Now we can begin to discuss

As a citizen of the world, you and me, we, prefer to have daily proper food on the table.

This is a part of a wonderful life on earth while living in this world. Especially when we do earn decent meals that are nutritious as well as tasty as our right and proper provision.

As the system goes, in a country, the people appoints and or elects leaders. What a leader can do and does, shall ensure that every one of the people has basic proper food daily as a joy of living a life on a piece of land each can belong and call this our nation.

Given that an individual or a family is deprived of a $ 10 food, while leaders spending $ 1,000 for breakfast for example, really shows a scene that is not appropriate. This wrong shall be corrected.

Yes, it is a situation that calls for a knocking into their hearts of a realization what is not being right, in relations to daily proper food.

Let us for this instance combine the population of Indonesia and Malaysia. Out of this number, how many per cent a day of our people is without daily proper food.

With this statistics at hands, both nations can draw of a plan to ensure, every single soul is with proper daily food.

We can do it.

Right from a family in a village up to the natural lines covering both countries, we can either sell or share food.

When we succeed, this effort can be expanded to include ASEAN, ASIA, and the World.

Of course this effort needs money.

Actually we have a lot, particularly the allocation of our budget spend on war and weaponry, all leaders and the people of all nations shall agree not to go against each other in wars, and this allocation then be spend together on food, to ensure each citizen of the world is with proper daily food.

So, please agree with me as I say, there is no World Food Crisis...

It is up to me, you, and us, to ensure this is so!

The God willing more shall I share soon postings at this blog.


  1. Oh I see Zubli here lolz! Have a great weekend Bono! :)

  2. Wow! This is a good beginning, so let's move forward, onward, and upward my friend bonoriau. The God willing, more posts soon...

  3. mariuca and zubli,

    Thanx for support and become bonoriau regular visitor. Hope we will success BERSAMA.

  4. The able countries, the able men and women, lack the will to do what's right. Political will, will to betterment, name it, we've badly missed it. -_-

    if you find my blog entries at Everything Kimchi worthy of a technorati fav, or a linkex, please don't hesitate to do so. I shall return the e-love. Cheers!

    btw, I've dropped you with a sizzling EC> ^^;

  5. Great post Zubli and I completely agree. It is us all of the everyday citizens of the world who must stop the current insanity.

    How do we do that? Well, as you mentioned we must all come together in each of our countries and vote in leaders willing to embark on a new world.

    A world filled with respect for each other's differences and acceptance also.

    Why is it that we bloggers are able to cross these lines so easily? Even the most simple such as I?

    Yet so many leaders around the world with great intellect and highly educated still prefer war over peace.

    But, I will forever dare to cling to hope. I am not willing to give up. And, finally in America I hope and pray that the millions of us who are fighting for total and complete change will get the right leaders in position.


  6. Good article Zubli!!.. well done :)

    Bono, on another note,

    I need your help.. Could you please change the link of the Red Hot Drops badge image to this new one..

    Just look for this line...

    and replace it with this line

    Thank you and please treat this as an urgent request.

  7. Thank you LadyJava, very encouraging, and I shall post more as a Guest here. Bonoriau is making me feeling really at home here in Indonesia, yes his blog for sure.

  8. Terima kasih Shinade, and Salam. Leaders who are in power, they really know where the power is. So do us, yes, the everyday citizens of the world.

    Now that we know, let's do it.

    In the bloggosphere, we have played roles, leading at times, to bring about enthusiasm, excitement, enchantment, enjoyment, and also enlightenment. Most definitely exactly equal, leaders of the world can do to bring about these throughout the globe.

    Synchronicity - Unity in Diversity.

    A move we can start is to stop entirely the business of war, yes the busy ness of earning monetary profit through the selling of arms and weaponry so that nations go against each other, and soldiers from each nation kill or be kill for no apparent intent nor reason.

    All this expenditure can easily be channel for world enough and access to the entire citizen of the world.

    Hope is now here, for all of us.

    Bloggers Unite!

    Vote for a leader with total peace in his heart and sharing this magic globally, in each of our respective countries.

  9. @shinade - thanx for the comments. WE have to change the world. Don't just let the politician rule the world as their like for their own agenda.

    @Ladyjava - thanx. I already change but ...he what happen ya!!!!

    @Zubli - you are welcome. this is our HOME. Your idea about BOOK is brilliant. I'll discuss with few blogger frens here. What do u think if we organise a contest with that Topic...

  10. Jom! Tulis buku kita. Refer lah kawan, contest pun boleh. BonoRiau tahu dak, di Malaysia, ramai tidak tahu siapa Pak Menteri dalam kabinet dan siapa Ahli Parliament. Jikalau artis, ramai yang kenal. Sudah tiba masanya Bloggers pulak jadi terkenal. Kok kalau ditanya siapa Bloggers yang Hot, ramai nyebut Mr BonoRiau, LadyJava, Zubli Zainordin, Marzie. Baru ngetop! Tak gitu seh?

  11. Saya baca di kuran (newspaper) di sini ada pak menteri yang aktif blogging dan udah ada blogger yang jadi wakil rakyat di Malaysia ..ya kan...mantap tu ...Idea Pak Zubli memang mantap ..kita rancang bagus2 ...bila siap bisa keluar 2 versi e-Book dan hard copy...mantap

  12. Benar! Bagus sekali, e-Book dan Buku, sememangnya subjek and topik Blog Blogger Blogging hangat kini. Ini era, Erra Fazira serta lain-lain top Artis, sama naik era kita bloggers yang top. Memang ada Pak Menteri dan mantan sudah blogging - Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Muhammad Khir Toyo, Muhammad Muhd Taib, Mohd Ali Rustam, dan Khairy jamaluddin. Selainnya perlu baca buku kita dahulu, baru terangsang untuk blogging barangkali. Ayuh Mr BonoRiau!

  13. Saya jadi teruja kini dengan kembangan Mr BonoRiau akan idea asal saya, lalu saya sudah pun ngantar post kedua saya melalui yahoo mail anda. Tolong ngecheck, apa sudah masuk kah atau ngikut laluan jauh itu post? Maap lupa taruh setem. Hehehehehe!

  14. Bono.. Thanks for changing the code.. bandwidth problem lahh :(

    It should work better now :)

  15. @ladyjava - it mean many join your programme lah ...good what ...ya kan!!!

    @Zubli - thanx for the 2nd posting... terus maju

  16. Mr BonoRiau, a good beginning, we continue with goodness, will surely InsyaAllah ends good. Terus maju...


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