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- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Friday, 20 June 2008

Crisis of Confidence

ASEAN's failure in responding to the economic crisis, the environmental hazard caused by haze and the rampage in Myanmar have all done severe damage to ASEAN in the past, this despite the organization's reputation as one of the most successful regional outfits, second to European Union. Now, Asean's facing internal problem from one to another.

1. INDONESIAN'S judicial system is in the grip of a spreading corruption scandal. Investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission have confiscated documents from the Supreme Court in their search for evidence. The recent allegations against top institutions in the country's judicial and law enforcement branches have shocked Indonesian and led to mounting calls for Attorney General Hendarman Supandi to resign.
2. MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi faces his bigger crisis yet, after a small member party of the Barisan Nasional (BN) yesterday said it had lost confidence in his leadership. The Chinese-based Sabah Progressive Party says it will table a no-confidence vote against him in Parliment, or support one table by the opposition. It will be the first time a no-confidence motion is being attempted against a Prime Minister by his own party.3. THAILAND opposition Democrat Party yesterday filed a censure motion against Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and seven other ministers. The move amounts to no-confidence motion which, if passed, could bring down the six-party ruling coalition.


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  1. Here via EC and I see you still haven't added a favicon in your blog.Its easy to do and helps you stand out from the rest of the blogspot blogs.Check out my post about it.How to add a favicon in Blogger

  2. We all Indonesian has this problem for generations already, it's only been hidden up from the pubic domain by the authorities, but as per nowadays everyone is aware of where the future lead to, and this also bring more concern about corruption which already make this country almost 'sold out' wish this bad illness will be reduced from time to time!

  3. Indonesian stand no 143 the most corruption in the world ... woowww when they want to stop doing this.

  4. this is very informative. makes me feel relieved somehow that I live in a country full of graft and corruption.

  5. whatever situation of our Lovely country ...we must always be happy and no stress

  6. Hola Bono, thanks so much for dropping on me over the weekend. I hope u enjoyed ur latte at my place. :)

  7. Marzie, thanks to U to. Latte memang mantap tapi di sini ngak ada coffee bean atau Starbuck ...Latte bikin sendiri

  8. salam pak bono,

    latte bikin sendiri sedap juga.. lagi pun murah.. kira berjimat laa dalam suasana harga minyak yang melambung tinggi..

    Sini, pun..suasana politik, dan keputusan-keputusan yang buat banyak menaiikkan marah rakyat...

    Sedang cuba menenangkan diri..

    No stress.. :)

  9. Pak rizal udah lihat interview Marzie ...wah wah macam artis lah. Apa pun harus sabar ... semua itu dugaan dari Allah untuk lihat bangsa mana yang bisa bertahan...kesusahan itukan dugaan.

  10. Truly, Masalahnya ialah problem. Problemnya ialah leader and leadership. Individual leader is for self, and no longer for the people, not even the people who voted them. I say, Totally Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela, a leader most respect. We could use more of the like of you as a leader in Malaysia, and perhaps ASEAN.

  11. Lama tak terima comment dari pak zubli, fikirnya udah lupa dengan bonoriau. Benar kata pak zubli Pemimpin sekarang berlumba-lumba untuk di pilih untuk kepentingan peribadi aje. Kalau di zaman Rasulullah pemimpin takut di pilih kerana itu amanah yang akan di tanya di Akhirat elak...kita warga kecil ini bisa melihat lakon layar pemimpin2 kita.

  12. Bila malu sudah tidak lagi dimalukan. Demikian jikalau pemimpin di Malaysia seperti Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Tidak sehala yang dikata dan dilakukannya.

    Kini sejarah kepemimpinan negara merakamkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pemimpin paling teruk dan paling buruk.

    Kasihan dia, perlu undur segera.

    Jika tidak hina di negara dan di dunia.

  13. Di negara kami, next year will be election for President ... sekarang udah panas terasa getaran nya.

  14. Bonoriau, perhatikan betul-betul senario di Indonesia.

    Perencanaannya akan bermula di USA November ini.

    Terkesan ngak seluruh dunia?

  15. Indonesia negara Islam terbesar di dunia memang menjadi target utama. Pastinya mereka akan wujudkan ketidak stabilan di rantau kita ... kita akan lihat sama-sama Pak zubli.

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