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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Spirit of Excellent Firefox 3

With the new release of Firefox 3, a lot of good things has been shown by Firefox 3 that it has increased in Speed, Reliability, and Security. Blogging has really seemed to increase around the Internet world and with many blogs opening and getting popular (such as Bloggin-ads), there is nothing stopping these bloggers. The only 2 thing that may stop you would be lag and security issues. With Firefox 3, your post typing speed will increase and so will your visitor rate, but only if you are able to complete more and more posts.

Well, for example, if you use Internet Explorer (some still do) and it becomes your main browser to edit, upload, and add things on your blog, chances are that somewhere along the road, IE will crash and lag over and over. This causes a blogger to just freak out. On the other hand, if you had used a fast browser such as Firefox 3, the loading speed would have been faster, memory used on your computer would have decreased, and security would have gotten better than IE6. This is really important to a blogger because:

1) Speed

Speed is really important to a blog reader because nobody would want to wait 13 minutes for a post (unless it’s a long one). Some browsers may give you a connection error and you may have to restart the browser or your page load, but Firefox 3, pages are loaded faster for a blog reader. To make this more understandable, it is like we using Dial-up instead of Cable. Of course this is also the same case for a blogger that writes up daily posts. A slow browser would force some capabilities of Wordpress or other CMS scripts to run a lot slower, which causes hang times. I have dealt with this problem and still dealing with a bit now, but Firefox 3 has allowed things to move a bit quicker.

2) Security

Firefox 3 is the only browser I know of that could prevent these “hacks” from going onto your computer. An exploit is basically a security hack that is placed anywhere there is a glitch or missing code. An exploit is able to squeeze into the gaps and take control of whoever is using it. A malware is similar to an exploit except that it has been already placed into a software that is being downloaded. These two security issues could distract you in a huge way by preventing your from giving 100% of your time of your blog. Instead, you would have to deal with the problems before actually blogging. With Firefox 3, it would allow you more time and patience on writing posts without having to bother with a pop-up that popups every single minute or so.

3) Reliability

Many bloggers need a reliable browser that can save their work in time of a crash, load pages without showing a error every second, and a browser that doesn’t require much hard drive space. A new feature in Firefox is the “one-click bookmarking“, which could be useful to bloggers who need fast saving when they are reading other posts on blogs. Even the Firefox “session restore” is important because if Firefox 3 crashes while you’re typing a post or an email, you’ll pick up where you left off, even down to the last word you typed with session restore.

The 3 points above are very important to bloggers because all these can affect not only your blog, but your computer as well. If security was crappy in a browser, chances are that a hacker would be able to get into your computer and then into your account and passwords. If Speed was slow, the amount it would take to save pages or even load them would frustrate many bloggers. Without reliabilty, we would have 30 different programs installed on our computer instead of Firefox 3 (which has it all).

Downloading and using Firefox is just what a blogger needs to complete the daily blogging life. Just to add on the side note…Firefox 3 actually broke the record of the world’s most downloaded file in one day. The total downloads actually broke over 3million in 24 hours, making this a real record. Not to mention that this also means that Firefox is the most used browser of choice

Top new features with Firefox 3 :

Password Manager

Remember site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up.

One-Click Bookmarking

Bookmark, search and organize Web sites quickly and easily.

Improved Performance

View Web pages faster, using less of your computer’s memory.

Smart Location Bar

Find the sites you love in seconds—enter a term for instant matches that make sense.

Instant Web Site ID

Avoid online scams, unsafe transactions and forgeries with simple site identity.

Full Zoom

See any part of a Web page, up close and readable, in seconds.

Platform-Native Look & Feel

Browse with a Firefox that’s integrated into your computer’s operating system.

I’m sure you’re using Firefox, right? Download it here.

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    Please remove this comment after you have read it..

  2. aneesh - thanks for the info. I link your blog in my blog.

  3. Hi Bonoriau, I have upgraded to firefox 3 and it does seem to be much faster, especially for some of those little things that bothered me in the past.

  4. Hi Bono! I too am using FF3 now! Like Bobby said, it does seem faster so far, YAY! ;)

  5. Yes!! I'm happy with the new features ..really help me blogging

  6. I love and trust Firefox very much. I seem not to even notice there is any other browser on earth.

  7. Ada kawan ngantar sewaktu masih lagi percuma perkhidmatan ini. Sekarang saya gunakannya. Hebat!!!

  8. i love Firefox.. since i have used firefox - never have i wanted to use back internet explorer.. huhuhu

  9. I try Firefox 3, but some add-on not work including Google Toolbar,

  10. @Jack, agreed some of add-on cann't be used...I'm sure firefox doing something

    @Rizal -so do bonoriau.

  11. Well, I too agree that Firefox is good with security purpose but when I use it with bunch of addons it seems a slow browser to me , Google has to work on it.


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