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Monday, 7 July 2008

Why Do We Blog : Networking, Make Money, Hobby, Diary?

"Why do you blog?" I asked. “Ask yourself, ‘So what?’ before you start blogging. Will your blog add to the world of knowledge and learning, or is it just for fun?”. I like easy answers, and by asking others perhaps I hoped to find the easy answers for myself.

For some blogging will be like a diary: a historical record of their thoughts at a moment in time.

For some it'll be like speed-networking. You get to know people in a shallow way and then develop a relationship.

For some blogger because their a writer and blogging gives them a place to put it all.

For some it'll be like business platform (make money online/make money blogging/home based business) and some blogger really earn big income. Some of example of blog entrepreneur income for June :
1. ($585.59)
2. ($109.42)
3. Makingmymoneyonline247 ($400.83)
4. Makemoneyonline-x ($550.09)
5. ($11,471.12)
6. JohnChow dot com ($40,125.99)

For still others it'll be something else entirely.

I have friends with blogs specifically dedicated to technology, politics, music, photography and public relations, and yet I am not so focused, probably because I’m passionate about too many things.

I started blogging some months ago largely to pass time, share experiences, building my social network and makes the money. And I also enjoy being a member of the blogging community. Via this community I've met numerous people and developed all sorts of relationships that would never had occurred if not for the practice of blogging. I blog to keep up my spirit; to stir the spirit of others; to stir my blood, my brain, and my beliefs.


  1. me? why do i blog?
    1. Just for fun
    3. writing and journalism hobby
    3. networking -- friends


    ,.-*'oo'*-.,_Chronicles of Trisna_,.-*'oo'*-.,

  2. Thanks for the linky.. I wouldn't call myself an Enterpreneur though with that incomie :D

    I used to blog for fun only, but if you can earn a bit, why not?

  3. I blog to make money. Unfortunately, I'm barely earning any. Now, I blog to learn things again then blog about it to see what I've missed why i'm barely getting anything from my effort.

  4. Pak Bono,

    I blog for fun. The fun thing is, i make new friends too. Like You. Whuhu!!

    Duit nanti harap2 akan mengalir lah masuk..tapi tuu kena tukar strategi..


  5. Bonoriau also earning bit by bit ..but my main focus now is social networking.

  6. It was just a diary for me when I start blogging. But now, I make a living from it

  7. I blog for fun, to have a place to keep all my writing in one place (a couple places since I have a few blogs with different themes), to keep me motivated to reach a goal, as an online journal, and if I make a few pennies along the way to cover the cost of hosting I'm happy. :)

  8. so do I ...I'm happy blogging ...really fun and really hope that I'll be here for long long time...some of my friends give so fast!!!

  9. Eh, didn't know that you're from indo too :)

  10. Blogging is fun. I blog as a true hobby and passion. I feel I have knowledge that needs to be shared, but no one really wants to listen so I blog. At least it is now available. Anyways Have a wonderful day

  11. I blog so I can pay our electric and wifi bills. ^^;

    Btw, you've been tagged: Are We Beyond Redemption? - Whoever adopts this tag will receive a special wallpaper quality photo of Geumgang Mountain in North Korea, photo taken in Summer of 2007.

  12. to meet such a good person such as you are buddy !!

  13. Good god that is an addicting picture. Every time I come here I find my eyes looking towards it... I must fight them in order to move on :-P

  14. Wah kaya betul si John Chow ni kan? Happy weekend! :)

  15. Marzie, one day your income will like John Chow...

  16. Nice post and very discriptive imagery. hereis why I blog:

  17. Shi thanks for dropping by .. do come again.

  18. I blog for fun and to meet new people,I started blogging when we moved to another country as a means keeping in touch with my friends and family. Focusing on one area will be difficult for me because like you am so passionate about so many things.I am into a lot of offline business that I don't really care about making money from my blogs now all i want is to do my thing which is just writing down my feelings & views.

  19. tyna, thanks for dropping by ..hope not the last...I'm also doing same thing like u ..looking for new friends ...just imagine how many billion is the world population ...but ask our self many friends we have???

  20. Blog for Beginners27 October 2008 at 01:17

    Well, one thing I love about blogging is the endless opportunity for me to network with people whom I might not have otherwise met without blogging. So it's pretty much a platform for networking. Monetary rewards are secondary but it's a nice bonus.


  21. OK. Well, I think you are asking one of the most difficult question to asked in the modern day. Most of the people would have said I am blogging as an online journal if it was 5,6 years back. But I believe that there will be more than 100 answers to this particular question to be given. Blogging has diversified a lot in these days. But most of the people are doing it as a way of expressing themselves to the outer world, a way of sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Thanks.


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