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Friday, 1 August 2008

Social Networking, Tagging & Spirit of Blogging for July

Now that it’s August, it’s time for me to do my monthly post of thanking my top Entrecard droppers, tagging and top commenter for the past month.

Pak Zubli with his atotalblog still maintain as bonoriau top commenter. One word to describe how I feel when I get comments from each of you: HAPPY!! So, your comments are welcome. From time to time Bonoriau will run simple contest for the commenter...1000 EC waiting for August top commenter!!!

Thank you tagging of Alakazam from the Princess of Genies, Mariuca The Princess of Genies

Here are the top droppers for the month of July. Thanks to all of these great blogs and their owners for supporting bonoriau. Please take a moment to visit these great sites. You may just become a regular there too.

Regretful Morning
Sasha says...
LadyJava's Lounge
Pinoy Raket Online
Prove Me Wrong
Software Introduction
Wishing On A Falling Star
Work at Home Mom Revolution

Entrecard just introduce new Entrecard Toolbar
(EntreBar) ...Those who use Firefox3, you can download the EntreBar anytime.

I'm still wondering why most of Make Money Online Top 10 Blogs did not include Entrecard in their blog?? Do you know the reason, please share with me ...

Note :
Thanks also to all who join bonoriau social networking Mybloglog , Blogcatalog and Technocrati communities. (Those who still not joining my community you are welcome).


  1. Have a great week..See ya later another time...dropped a card on you..ribbit,ribbit

  2. purplefrog, thanks being my regular dropper. How long U already blogging?

  3. Yeeha! One of my blogs is here, thank you Bono! Must try and get MPG back here he he! ;)

  4. Great contest, good luck to Zubli. 100 Ec banyak tu! :)

  5. I have been blogging for about year and a half already..My husband is sorry he taught me how to use the computer...

  6. Wah another contest! Awesome Bono :)... and me in third place dropping... cool!!

    Have a great week ahead ya...


  7. LJ, Thanks being my top 3 dropper hope this month U will be also my top 10 dropper. I like to invite U as my guest blogger ... ok or not?

  8. Bono! Thanks for the credits yeeha! I see I am inching up to ur Top Commenter spot woo hoo! :)

  9. Marzie, thanks for your support and being my regular dropper and commenter.

  10. can i make a wish?
    cause you have a ginny?

  11. fren_ace, thanks for drop by ..what kind of wish do you want ..alakazam zam zam!!!!

  12. Thanks for the EC credits, Bono :) Hopefully I will be a part of your August top droppers again :)

  13. sasha, thanks to you to being my regular dropper..hope you will join our discussion soon

  14. hi bono!! it's so good that you have this contest for yr top commnetator! :)

    congrates to your dropper and commentator! :)

    oh, i've just read about the new entrecard toolbar and sounded like cool, it makes our drops easier. :)

  15. Jean, thanks for stopping's your vacation??? I already download the entrebar but still not working, still figure out the problem.

  16. you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome! for all the drops

    and thanks for the EC credit!!!

  17. LJ, to you too ... 1000 ec waiting for U this month ... heee

  18. Hi Bono, wow I didn't know I'm one of your top ten droppers.. thanks for the EC credits.

    Happy blogging. Cheers!

  19. Bono! Your EC is at both my blogs la, woo hoo! Nice to see u at MPG today, hope ul have a good day as well. :)

  20. bizphere, thanks being my top dropper hope U also will join our discussion..heee

  21. Marzie, yaa lah..both ..popular tu!!! and the clicks from both also fantastic lah...yesterday also good day almost 1000 clicks from entrecard to bonoriau...syukur

  22. i dropped a card on you today..Hope you are doing fine..Catch ya later

  23. Purplefrog, thanks for dropping by..U take care

  24. morning bono!! i've got a tag for u! It's here! :)

  25. Jean, thanks for the tagging.

  26. wah, pak bono, 1000 clicks dari entrecard.. meletupp letup tuu..

    tu have that one, i must jadi full time blogger jer.. ni sekarang blogger kecil2an ajer..umpama usahawan jalanan.. hehe

    kalau restnrileks dapat camtu, hahaha, mau tukar jadi afterrestcrash.blogspot. hehehe

    ehhh pak bono install entrecard toolbar? i ve installed on both places - my lappy and office. but sadly, only in office works.. not here using lappy..

    heppy blogging ya pak bono..

    nanti kalau mau komen kat restnrileks.. tunggu ada post baru dulu yer.. hehehe..

  27. Pak rizal, thanks for the comment. Happy olymics...demam demam...Udah install entrebar tapi sadly not working ..still figure out apa salah nya.

  28. Wah wah syabas Bono! I tak pernah dapat 1000 clicks yet, congrats!

    Btw, Im not ur 20,000th visitor today, hopefully tonight he he! :)

  29. It is possible they already removed the widget because they don't find it successful in getting traffic. Just a thought. I wished my blog was included here too ;0

    Petitehye on 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally Count

  30. petitehye, I got many new friends and become my regular visitor from Entrecard ..those success blogger already have enough daily traffic ...may be that's the reason they removed the widget


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