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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tweet What you Spend & Tweet What you Eat

Today I saw message from Problogger at Twitterfox : "exited to say that b5media just launched Bizzia - - a business portal"

After checking Bizzia I found interesting link on Twitter Application
1. Tweetwhatyouspend
2. Tweetwharyoueat

Tweetwhatyouspend(TWYS for short) is simple, and aims to answer the question - what happens to my cash between trips to the ATM.

Tweetwhatyoueat (TWYE for short) is a Twitter-based food diary. Use Twitter to track what you eat, and now your weight, by ‘tweeting’ food items to your personal food diary on from your mobile phone, IM or through Twitter.

Both application  looks cool.


How many Twitter Follower do you have?

What do you have to do?
1. Leave you twitter link in comment below such :
2. Follow me on twitter.
3. This contest will end on October 31, 2008.

The HIGHEST TWITTER FOLLOWER will get 2000 EC points.

Update Entries :
talrasha2007 emilayusof purplefrogcat TurnuOff sharulazlan whateverebay bluecrystaldude shaxx Mariuca shinade ahynes1 phatelara yan TheNonsenseBlog joyoz indocontest Thyme2dream Jamaipanese ladyjava soloindonesia coolingstar9 imitationangel laketrees kidtechguru spartz jeanchia eastcoastlife lankapo

The most popular twitter : BarackObama (108.022 followers) & John McCain (4,225 followers)

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  1. Bono, has your count of follower increase since you organized this contest?

  2. Yes you the 1st ...CONGRATS haaZIQ so no need for me to change my sidebar banner...heee

  3. Just dropping in to say I hope you are having a great day.

    And also thank you once again for this wonderful idea and helping us all get connected.

    I just added the newest ones just now this morning.


  4. Alamak!!!! Termiss lagi!! Slow la connection tonight! ;)

  5. HaaZIQ that's actually my objective...sharing with all the friends. Most of the top blogger really make use of Twitter. I try to build the culture among us.

  6. Thanks for the update Bono! My Twitter is kinda slow in updating, mcm I just only got ur tweet on this post! Tu yg dapat number 2 he he...excuses! ;)

  7. Hm... by the time twitterfox notify me.. there's already 9 comments!! tsk tsk tsk..

  8. Thanks for coming by..dropping a card on you....see ya later

  9. wow, I did not know that there are so many tweeter apps out there...

  10. thanks for the tweet eat and spend links ..
    I'll check them out Bono...
    yay..I'm up to 99 followers... :)

  11. I like that TWYE. It will definitely be useful on my next blog. Thanks for that great find.

  12. Shinade thank you for dropping by. We are all new with twitter and hope it will create more excitement in our blogging.

  13. hi bono! i was here few days ago but wasn't able to comment because of some prob wt my browser. but now im back! :)

  14. bono, im now reegistering for the tweetwhatyoueat! :)


    I have 151 followers. :)

  16. Marzie ya deh sometimes twitter msg quite late..I saw tweet from LJ but when I checked already 3 comments ..heee

  17. already follow you

    mine is

  18. LJ try again next time. I need your assistant to set up my domain..try but fail.

  19. What seems to be the problem bono?

  20. Morning Bono! Brought u some cupcakes for breakfast aha ha! :)

  21. Ah tu la, sometimes TF still a bit slow in updating eh? Still have to ikut Rizal's advice on blog hop hippity hop, the traditional way! ;)

  22. @Jean & @ eastcostlife thank for the link

  23. @lankapo thank you for the link

  24. Dear Bono I am not very well versed in technical areas. please email me and explain to me how we would do this.

    There is no need for you to add me though. I would be very happy to add a hot link button your site to my side bar anytime. But you don't have one.

    I can send you the code to work with to set up a button.

    My email is

    If I can figure out how to do the exchange...I would love it!!

    Thanks my friend!!:-)))

  25. hi
    i am following you on Twitter

    and subscribed to your blog too..

  26. aravind thank you for the link

  27. interesting twitter applications. and it would truly be interesting to be able to follow some people's diet. then you'd know who's fat or not. hehehe

    Himalayan Gochi Juice
    Pinoy Negosyo Directory

  28. Hi Bono, apa kabar? I hope good! And please don't faint because I am finally getting some rounds made.

    It has been a really super duper busy week end for us here at home!!

    Now I am playing catch up!!:-))


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