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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Congratulations To The New President Of The United States…

Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

Result from Bonoriau polling :
1. Barack Obama (62%)
2. John McCain(16%)
3. Not Interested(20%).
Thank you to all 24 voters.

Update 1
Election 2008 Result
1. Barack Obama (52%)
2. John McCain (46%)

Update 2
1. As of Wednesday morning, Barack Obama was the most popular personality in Search.
2. The Economist projected how the entire world would vote for president. The results are as stunning. The news projects that Obama would beat McCain 9,115 to 203. The only countries in McCain's column: Algeria, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Iraq. Everywhere else is either Obama's or a toss-up (yes, that includes Kenya).

Update 3
Obama's new website is up. I like how their campaign has a strong emphasis on communication/feedback via the internet.

Update 4
First news conference : Obama calls for swift action on economy

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  1. Morning Bono! U are my first EC drop and visit again today! :)

  2. Congratulations to the new USA President! :)

  3. Marzie Congrats to you too..3 in row ...fantastic

  4. Congrats to Obama. Congrats to Marzie! LOL! Malaysian have been wanting a change but nothing happens so far... ahah

  5. Shaxx changing is ok but really have to scarify cause success cannot come over nite..but some of our community cannot wait...many thought that changing mean success over nite..when fail they feel frustrated...this is from our experience.

  6. Marzie, congrats being the FC here. Bono is the winner in my blog, and you won here. If I win in your blog, then, it will be a full circle of rotation. LOL

    But I don't think that will be happen, unless I have lots of luck on my side! :)

  7. Yeay! Obama won! I keep myself updated when I am in the library today. I am super duper excited to know the result of the election. LOL

    Anyhow, I am waiting for the changes he promised :) The only president that can change the whole world. How heavy is that responsibility? I am just glad we can observe US election this closely. Thanks to super fast internet! :D :D

  8. Oh Bono,
    This made me cry again!! Thank you so much!! We Americans are trying so very very hard to bring change.

    It has been very difficult due to so many reasons. A lot of was just plain prejudice and fear mongering.

    But, those of us who have supported Obama fought and fought and we won!!

    Now if the world will just be patient with us a little while....we hope to bring about great soon as we possibly can!!

    But, he has his hands full and it will take him some time!!

    Thanks again....this means a lot to many Americans!!

    Love to you my friend:-)))

  9. Thanks Bono! I oso didn't expect to be first today LOL! ;)

  10. Hopefully dapat maintain for the next post he he... bila nak post ni? ;)

  11. Thanks Monica, thanks Blue! :)

  12. HaaziQ! Tapi I tak pernah dapat FC at ur blog ni lagi, still trying but always fail lol! ;)

  13. I really had the feeling ever since that Obama will made it and then my feeling was right. Goodluck America and to the world.

  14. I hope do so.. he won!, young and energic.

  15. Congrats to the new President!!!

  16. Moooooorning! Baru bangun ni Bono! :)

  17. Baru minum kopi ni lol! Internet slow la tonight. ;)

  18. Just dropping by to say hello. I am so so lazy today.

    Wow the updates are fantastic!! Thanks everyone for the congratulations to our new President.

    We are very excited over here.

    Hugs all around:-)


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