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- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Monday, 10 November 2008

How Do You Value Comment from you friend.

This is my 101 posting. Thank you to all my blogger friends who always support Bonoriau. Do you know that I'm only received my 1st comment at my 5th posting.

Have you come across with this message???
"Thanks for the quality content of your comment. I never leave crappy spammy comments, like ‘thanks for sharing’ or ‘great pics’ or 'great song' or 'great posting' ! I only ever comment when I have something to add to the overall information in the post, or if the content has impressed me strongly enough that I’m compelled to comment… I just do it as much as possible on sites that will also provide a benefit.

Few days back I received comment from Shinade at my other blog :
"The new look is very refreshing and very easy to load. I know I am a heavy download but I love my widgets and graphics. Please forgive this non related comment.!!"

My reply to  the message and shinade comment : I'm welcoming all comment even not related to my posting or even just Great pics, Great posting, Great song or thank you for dropping by. I'm really appreciate every comment and ideas from my fellow friends. Simple comment always become a starter to fantastic friendship. What do you think???

This is the first comment Bonoriau received. His 1st and last comment...heee.

"Oil.Oil..and Oil..any one who has oil he/ she will be a regulator. What do you think?? our blog is fantastic man. Thank you!

Agus Nugroho

Rizal 1st comment :
hehe..pak bono..great idea in speading up the love link tag by including theirs too.. hehehe.. anyway.. how many bono are they on the web? Concusedlah.. i know there are these : - bononoriau..bonomoney..bonotravel....   wow.. you start from one and now expand them to couple of bono. i hope bono will be a house hold name then.. good luck and best wishes..

heppi saturday.. :)

Marzie 1st comment :
I see my fave artist Emila here woo hoo!! :)

EmilaYusof 1st comment :
Thank you Bonoriau! What a pleasant suprise! I was here earlier but didn't scroll down! Thank you again! pardon me for not scrolling down!

LadyJava 1st comment :
Good article Zubli!!.. well done :)
Bono, on another note, I need your help.. Could you please change the link of the Red Hot Drops badge image to this new one.. Just look for this line... and replace it with this line

Thank you and please treat this as an urgent request.

Shinade 1st comment :
Great post Zubli and I completely agree. It is us all of the everyday citizens of the world who must stop the current insanity. How do we do that? Well, as you mentioned we must all come together in each of our countries and vote in leaders willing to embark on a new world. A world filled with respect for each other's differences and acceptance also. Why is it that we bloggers are able to cross these lines so easily? Even the most simple such as I?  Yet so many leaders around the world with great intellect and highly educated still prefer war over peace. But, I will forever dare to cling to hope. I am not willing to give up. And, finally in America I hope and pray that the millions of us who are fighting for total and complete change will get the right leaders in position.


Pak Zubli 1st comment :
Bonoriau, saya ada satu project Malaysia-Indonesia, yakni sebuah buku berjudul *Syoknya Blogging - Kongsi Pengalaman Bloggers Dari Malaysia dan Indonesia*, kita berdua boleh dilantik editor bersama. Bagaimana kebijaksanaan anda perihal projek ini?

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...hope I'll posting another 100 more.

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  1. WOW.. That seems ages ago Bono...hehe.. Red Hot Drops kan?? hehe..

    Anywasy. so glad our path crossed and happy 101 post!!!

    Oh Thanks for the linky love!!!

  2. Keep blogging Bono! may there be another 100 or even more!! ;-)

  3. congrats.. many more to come.. i changed my background on twitter again..this time it is a picture i took

  4. and dropping a entre card on you at the moment..have a happy hump day

  5. We could sure use your expertise here in the forum.

  6. Hahaha that oil oil first and last comment made me laugh. So cool of you Bono remembering the first comment and first commentator.

  7. LJ CONGRATS be the 1st....ya deh so long but you really support Bonoriau..thank you thank you. looking forward to work more closely.

  8. Monica thank you very much. Hope I can do better then that.

  9. Congrats on 101 posts. I know I value all comments made by people who visit my blog. It's great that you value comments as well. Leaving any type of good comment is definitely a good way to start a friendship.

  10. chop... nak chop dulu nak booking ruang komen boleh? hehehe...

    yaaayyy i am the 11th.. :)

  11. Congrats on your 101th post! :D
    My blog is like my house, every commentator who drops a line deserves a reply and a visit in return. I love my readers and even more, my blogger pals.

  12. Congrats on your 100? 101? posts! A Comment received is always priceless.

  13. Smlm takde connection kat hospital, so tak buat EC rounds pun! :(

  14. Sudah miss satu hari kat sini ala! ;)

  15. Anyway Bono, thank you for checking on me and hubby, love Bono! :D

  16. Congrats on post 101! Feels like dah byk post kat sini! :D

  17. In response to ur question, I value all my commentators of course. Best dapat comment love from people from all over the world! :D

  18. Oso best to leave comment love on other ppl's blogs! ;)

  19. dropping EC & HAPPY WEDNESDAY Bono! ;-)

  20. Bono,
    Glad to hear that this is your 101 posts.
    Congrats to your success.
    I appreciate all comments.

  21. HI BONO!

    Hmmmm, I wonder what was the first comment I've ever posted for you blog...

    BTW, Got an award for you: AWARDS! AWARDS! AND MORE AWARDS!

    Do grab it whenever you can.

    Have a fabulous day ahead!

    All the very Best,

  22. Bono apa kabar? Congratulations on your 101st post.

    Oh dear I am so sorry. I have no clue how I did that with that comment.

    Oh I am laughing so hard at myself that my tummy hurts.

    Apparently I was in a hurry and had several windows open at once.

    Please forgive me for being so dingy's the blond hair...I can't help it!!

  23. Oh my LJ's was worse than mine. I just now saw her comment. How do you put up with us?

    And yes thank you so much for the link love!!

  24. I have stopped laughing now and yes I value every comment and try my very best to treat everyone as if they are entering my home.

    You and all of my friends are my family and I love everyone of you!!:-)

  25. Well here I am again. I just realized that these are your very first comments. See I told you sometimes all of the light s don't come on at once.

    And if I remember correctly Zubli did make the first post.

    It's been so long ago. And also I posted a comment similar to this at Zubli's blog not too long ago so I was really confused for a few minutes!!

    But, I think I have it together now.

  26. Came by to say Ribbit,Ribbit,Ribbit

  27. joyOz, oil price when he comment was USD149 and now oil price going down to economic is really changing in few months.

  28. ImitationAngel, we always aspect for good comment but some time our friend will leave negative comment...and I always learn something from negative comment.

  29. wow congratulations on your 101 posts :) excellent job and I have to say that is quite an accomplishment in such a short time. :)

  30. Bonotravel is featured on my EC today! yay!!! :-D
    Thanks Bono...

  31. Coolingstar9 thank you very much. Hope I'll move forward to different level of blogging quality.

  32. Dropping EC here today Bono, thanks so much for visiting me today, love and hugs! :):):)

  33. 101 post with these many loyal friends? :D that's great Bono. I should be following your steps!

  34. Scotty thank you for the GREAT award...I have to dig back my old posting and see what is your 1s comment..interesting job.

  35. Shinade your 1st comment was really fantastic..then start our friendship. We really missing Pak Zubli...

  36. i miss Zubli he ever coming back to visit and chat with everybody again? hopefully soon

  37. Glad you like the music over @blip...your new blog i can actually afford w/ your entre cards at the moment..i don`t get alot of drops or entre credits..i savor them when i do get them and make good use out of them..


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