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"And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him. He will make a way for him to get out from every difficulty. And He will provide from sources he never could imagine."
- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Wednesday, 31 December 2008


1. Over 3,000,000,000 People Live On Less Than $2.50 A Day.
2. The Top 1% Of The World’s Richest People Earn As Much As The Poorest 57%
3. About 2 Billion People Do Not Have Basic Sanitation
4. Every Day, Almost 16,000 Children Die From Hunger-Related Causes–One Child Every Five Seconds
5. 33.2 Million People Are Living With HIV/Aids
6. 153 Million Children Under 5 In The Developing World Are Underweight
7. Every Year The World Produces 356 kg Of Cereal Per Person, Yet 40 Million People Die Of Hunger
8. The Developing World Now Spends $13 On Debt Repayment For Every $1 It Receives In Grants
9. More Than 10 Million Children In Africa Alone Have Been Orphaned By Aids
10.Less Than 1 Percent Of What The World Spends Each Year On Weapons Could Put Every Child in School

What Will WE Do About It?


  1. YEEHA!!! Dapat FC for NY post! Page load so slow today too. ;)

  2. May this New Year bring you more love, joy and success. HAPPY 2009! :)

    Wishing on a Falling Star
    Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery

  3. Nice reminder here Bono. Let's all do our part, however small, whichever way we can. :)

  4. Marzie, congrats!!!
    Where you will be to nite!!!
    I'm heading to new place....1st time I'm there..guess where???

  5. HK few times already. Australia insyallah next year....heee...location still in my country...

  6. Wish you all prosperous new year and may all your dreams come true.

  7. hey,, i am doing fine,,if you make a button for your blog, i will add it o my site..i have been redoing my blog-new background and stuff..take care

  8. I hope this would not getting worse in year 2009!!..

    Happy New year Bono!!

  9. We could do another Blogging for Poverty like they did on Blog Action Day.

  10. Hi,

    Wish you this new year gives you health and wealth.

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  11. 7. Every Year The World Produces 356 kg Of Cereal Per Person, Yet 40 Million People Die Of Hunger

    That is amazing. This was a great idea for a HNY post. The best I have seen.

  12. 7. Every Year The World Produces 356 kg Of Cereal Per Person, Yet 40 Million People Die Of Hunger

    Amazing information. Thanks. The best idea for a new years post I have seen

  13. thanks for visiting..see ya agin soon ,,i dropped a card on you

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