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- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Real Indonesian Spirit

Angry protests as Indonesia hikes fuel prices.

Indonesian motorists are now paying 33.3 percent more to fill their tanks with premium gasoline at 6,000 rupiah (65 cents) a litre, while diesel fuel for transportation has leapt 27.9 percent to 5,500 rupiah.

Goverment hands out cash to the poor to soften the blow of 30 per
cent rise in fuel prices

Indonesia is handing out US$1.5 billion (Rp14.1 trillion) in cash to its poorest residents to soften the blow of big fuel price rises a move that might bring the government short-term relief after weeks of protests.

The last fuel price rise in Indonesia was a whopping 126 percent in 2005, sparking mass demonstrations but no long-term unrest.

Analysts welcomed the rises and said other Asian would have to follow suit or watch their budgets break under the weight of massive fuel subsidies.

Taiwan's new government has decided to end a freeze on domestic gasoline prices from June, while Malaysia is reportedly looking at making wealthy consumers pay more for fuel under a new two-tier subsidy system.

Even regional giant India is reeling from the oil price onslaught, with the petroleum secretary admitting Friday that a fuel price hike was "inevitable" to bail out state oil firms selling at hugely discounted rates.

"I think this move is positive for Indonesia in terms of its fiscal position, It looks like that's where most governments are heading right now." Royal Bank of Scotland economist Euben Paracuelles said in Singapore on Friday.

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  1. What's the best possible solution for this problem, besides protesting, demo, and complaining? Practical solution is urgently needed to overcome it. Talking & discussing will be a never ending habits:( Sorry to say that truth...

  2. The Second Time of Champion

  3. Oh Bono,
    Saya feel just awful about this. Saya know that much of this is due to my country and our current leaders.

    It makes me cry. Saya pray several times a day for change.

    Juga, sila know that when saya shared back the EC credits it was a sign of friendship.

    Then saya happen to think that maybe to awak and your culture it might be seen as an insult to return a gift.

    If this is so then saya ask forgiveness for my ignorance.

    Salam my new friend!!

  4. When the goings get tough, the tough gets going...

  5. @Shinade thanks for the ec pts, I consider this as sponsor for my 10th commenters...ok or not???

  6. @Zubli thanks a lot for the awards ... I'm really felt that I'm not qualified for the awards ..still bayi baru merangkak anyway saya TERIMA dengan big heart.

  7. @Felinesopher - I agree with U. Oil stock is Ok but the price is increasing like a rocket. Pesonally I felt the oil price has been manipulated by small parties just to make majorities suffer.

  8. its the same thing here... oil price keep going up.

  9. Okay Bono that sounds good to me. Thank you for understanding.

    You are very kind!!

  10. Terima kasih Bonoriau kerana sudi menerima award tersebut. Sesama kita ikhlas, memberi dan menerima, lalu terus maju blogging dengan rasa cukup seronok. Gitu...

  11. Jika segelintir yang melakukan keburukan melalui kenaikan harga minyak, dan mengakibatkan kemudharatan kepada yang ramai, maka pemimpin sesebuah negara tidak seharusnya tunduk kepada tekanan sebegini. Bagaimana pendapat Bonoriau..?

  12. Just dropping in to say hello. Also I am taking a little time to clean up my message board at MBL.

    I had so many that I can't keep up with the new ones.

    I found your post concerning links. Thank you so very much.

    You are at my site as well.

    I have tried and tried with EC...but, I am still not able to get it to work.

    Yet another late night blogging..LOL!!

    I have to get Marzie and Rozella's tags of them for me today.

    Salam Bono!:-)

  13. Bagaimana Bonoriau di Indonesia, sini Zubli Zainordin di Malaysia, sedang rancak blogging dengan seronoknya.

  14. Syukur. Terima kasih kerana bermurah hati, Bonoriau, dan terima kasih kepada Shinade yang sudi sponsor. Nah, saya bertanya khabar, saya pula yang dapat bonus. Lalu, saya shopping! Hahahahaha!

  15. Bonoriau, saya baru sahaja ngantarin GMail bahan untuk posting di sini. Terima kasih sahabat...


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