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"And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him. He will make a way for him to get out from every difficulty. And He will provide from sources he never could imagine."
- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Friday, 23 May 2008

Spirit of Iron Man

I watched the movie Iron Man last Wednesday.. I know it has been weeks since it was first shown on theaters but last Wednesday was the only day I had the chance to watch it. Now I know why movie-lovers, even critics, loved it.. It was really a good movie. It was worth the price, the time and the wait. The technology and effects they used were really marvelous... but like other movies Muslim is the crook but at the end the real crook is.... So much we loved it that we finished the credits.. Personally Iron Man is better then superman...more realistic. I can't wait for the sequel now.

Bonoriau simple contest : The 15th commenter will get 300 ec


  1. My kids went to see this movie and raved about it also. I told them not to tell me anything about it. Because I want to see it and not know the ending.

    Now I am the 1st to comment so we only need to add a 14 and that makes me #15...LOLZ!!!

    I am sorry that they betrayed your faith in a negative way. But, I am guessing that in the end the true villan was actually of the Christian faith.

    That would in some way be almost hopeful for all of us. Just rest assured that no matter what our current political stance may seem to be globally.....truly is not.

    The majority of us Americans are tired of extremeists from all sides. And we most assuredly do not agree with our current global policies.

    We are fighting over here very hard to bring about major change. And I do believe we will be successful.

    Of course thanks to Bush it will take us a long while to clean up his disasterous reign over our country. But, millions upon millions of Americans of every faith are standing united and strong to make change happen.

    Now that was a good comment no? Ya? Now we are rollig and saya am bouncing all over in this truck and can't type.

    Who knows kmaybe saya will get lucky and check back at #15!!

    Juga, sila saya believe when saya say change is coming.

    Terima kasih dan salam, Bono.:-)

  2. Helo pak bono,

    I have yet to watch Iron Man. Heard it was good from my friend. Maybe i ll just go and see this weekend. Yup, how dissapointing to hear that, as usual the villain is associated to anothe muslim. Tak per la..

    at least hearing a comment from shinade does make somewhat a refreshing take ya..

    wah wah wah..pak bono, contest lagi ya.. go go cayuk.. teruskan usaha..

  3. Hepi wiken to ALL my friends...thanks for the comments.

  4. Salam Bono,
    Okay it's late on this side of the planet and I am heading to bed.

    Let's see I am number 4 now ya? So now we just add 10 and I win, ya?LOLZ!!!

    Good night my new friend. I hope your week end is filled with many blessings.:-)

  5. Iron Man looks awesome to me. I much prefer the new heros, who do not wear seluar dalam di luar. Betul tak, Bonoriau?

  6. Wow....the makeover is terrific!!

  7. Thanks shinade .. u and all friends is my motivation.

  8. i enjoyed the movie as well.. and robert downey did his job well as tony stark. :P

  9. Hi Bono, I have yet to watch Ironman! Your review makes me wanna watch it today! :)

  10. Marzie ...come we go together ...Last wed I miss the 1st 2 min ..

  11. Hi IronMan favors. Ini IronMan bergerak perlu petrol tak?

  12. Kelmarin dulu avatar saya sebelah atas kiri jika tidak silap, ini sudah di sebelah atas kanan. Tahniah, Bonoriau semakin cantik blog ini..

  13. Bonoriau, terasa ingin sekali post mengenai kenaikan harga minyak dunia, yang kini sudah mula terasa peritnya di sebahagian Indonesia. Mungkin kita berdua perlu lakukan sesuatu melalui blogging. Apamacam?

  14. Pak zubli. bonoriau already posting pasal Oil ni beberapa kali ..and will never stop posting

  15. Pak Bono. Is pak hello ya? Saya hope so. Now saya try to learn some of your language too.

    Sila forgive saya if saya am wrong.

    And Yay....unless you have some comments that aren't I number 15?

    I have been working very hard for this number..LOLZ!!

    Terima kasih, terima kasih for visiting my blog. It is so very important to me to reach out and let others know that Americans truly do care and are trying so very hard to reach out in peace and help so many who are hungry and homeless.

    After our election and we begin to put an end to the insanity of our current administration I hope we can see change fast.

    Most Americans are simply heart broken and ashamed at what has taken place under Bush's reign as a self imposed King of our country.

    We too have lost many freedoms thanks to him. But, as stated before we are standing united and strong to see that change does in fact happen.

    I hope you have a fantasic day!! Thank you so much for everything. I am so very pleased that we are becoming friends.

    I Christian and America and you Muslim and from Indonesia. See it can be done if we can all get rid of the political garbage. The ones who profit from war and the strife of so many.

    Blessings my new friend for a grand week ahead.

  16. Yes U are #15 ...congrats.

    If we read book on Prophet Muhamad history during time He Lead Madinah the population is not only Muslim but also Jews and Christian and yet they still can stay in harmony...

  17. hmmm... I haven't watch the movie yet, but seeing from the thriller, it looked like another typical Hollywood movies, heh;)

  18. Asasnya sesuatu perniagaan hendaklah menguntungkan sesuatu pihak. Ahli politik dipilih supaya menjaga kepentingan rakyat dan peniaga menjaga kepentingan pengguna. Jika harga minyak naik dan dinaikkan, siapakah sebenarnya yang mengaut keuntungan dari kenaikan ini?

  19. Dear Bonoriau, an award for you.
    Total cheers!!!

  20. Hi Bono, I have a special tag
    for you. Have a great day! :)

  21. Bonoriau, bagaimana kesan kenaikan harga barang di Indonesia, ya spirit nya bagaimana? Kami di Malaysia para pemimpin sudah rela mahu tunduk kepada tekanan pasaran global. Ogos ini. Aduh!

  22. Pak Zubli, world is changing ..this is not the time Pak Harto, even the time of previous Asean Leader. Kalau saya nilai dari sudut Islam ..ini udah Akhir zaman ..semua masalah ini hanya bisa selesai jika ikut aturan hidup yang telah di tetapkan oleh Allah melalui Al-Quran dan Sunah ..selain itu PASTI GAGAL...kan sekarang semua pemimpin bilang I'm the Great bisa ubah semuanya jika di pilih, pemimpin yang sana ngak bagus..not Allah is the Greatest di Alam Maya ini...kepunyaan DIA lah Dunia dan isi2nya...Wallahuhalam.

  23. Benarlah Bonoriau, kepada Allah jua saya tunduk patuh sepenuhnya. Kita di dunia ini bukankah perlu hidup rukun dengan sesama kecapi nikmatnya yang abundance. *Sirotal lazi na an am ta alaihim* Gitu.


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