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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Empower your traffic using Entrecard and sezWho

I'm sure most of the members got received an email from Entrecard that announces the official partnership with SezWho. What’s SezWho by the way? SezWho is a web comment application for your blog. It’s a new way to earn EntreCard credits, according to the said email it will increase your EntreCard traffic 100 times. Since I’m an active users of EntreCard, I will give it a try and see if it will really increase my EntreCard traffic.

1.) By installing SezWho on your blog, others will earn credits when they leave you comments, and you will earn credits when you comment on others.
2.) Go to this URL to register for SezWho and notify Entrecard:
3.) There is a check-box on the Entrecard Browser, to search for only SezWho enabled blogs.

How to configure your SezWho :

  • Ensure that your Blogger profile is public. Without this, SezWho will not be able to index your data and give you credit for your contributions.
  • Register your Blogger blog with on this URL .
  • You will receive an email containing a script that you will need to paste this onto your blog.
  • Login to the admin section of your blog and click on customize.
  • Then click on the "Edit" in HTML / Javascript section on this "Customize page".
  • Paste the script that you got in the email in this section. Click on Save Changes.
  • Click on Save to persist the settings.
  • You are all set now, and SezWho features should appear on your pages henceforth. Please note however that for larger blogs it may take a while before the features begin to show up on all the posts since the data sync process for such blogs may take some time.
The benefits of participating are:

1.) You’ll get A LOT more comments as members are more motivated to comment on you.
2.) You’ll earn credits for comments you’re already leaving!
3.) As you become motivated to comment more, you will start receiving more and more traffic, comments and subscribers.

Note : Simple contest ...the 10th commenters will win 100 ec, 15th commenters will win 200 ec and 20th commenters will win 400 ec...good luck!!


  1. Yep..I joined SezWho today myself..i will see how it does work...I dropped a card on you today..~kim

  2. Hi Bono, I belum sempat check this out, but it sounds good. Happy Wednesday! :)

  3. Marzie's really fantastic. Install it now!!!

  4. Hi Bono..

    I'm like Mariuca.. have heard of it but have not really done anything about it.. but you make it sound so simple yet.. so i guess I would give it a try :)

    Thanks :)

  5. Bono...
    I've installed it already and it says I got a rating of 2.5.. whatever that means..lolz.. still got to explore this more..

    Eh how come it's not showing on your blog??

  6. It looks like you might be having the same problem as's not showing up in the comment section. I tried doing it as a pop up or a separate page and it doesn't work either way. I read that it takes a while to crawl. I've had it installed for over 24 hours, though. Hmmm...

  7. Ladyjava & Crazy working mom : I'm also still exploring the system...anything new please share here

  8. Hi.. it's working for me already and showing up on my comments side as well as the the post side.. though I still don't understand the tabulating side and what it all means.. like who are allowed to rate and things like that...

  9. Oh LJ dah install ye? I masih belum lagi Bono. Nice to see ur avatar at my blog today! :)

  10. @Marzie bila lagi nak install ..nanti bisa tertinggal kapal ...heee.

    @Ladyjava, I also still confuse with the system.

  11. I am one of the SezWho member now :-)

  12. Entrecard is a very good service, and so is SezWho. But together, I don't think they are any good. No matter how well they function, there is one thing I will really hate to see. REWARDING COMMENTERS WITH CREDITS...

  13. @BDH, congrats to be my 10th commenter.
    @AZ you have different ideas but may be U are right.

  14. I have installed SezWho at to the next commenter!! Zoroaster7

  15. zoroaster7 thanks for dropping by and comment ...

  16. pak bono..

    restnrileks pun sudah install..

    tapi amik masa yang agak susah jugak laa untuk timbul kat blogspot..

    kejap ada kejap hilang.. the bad thing is.. i received an e-mail without the script.. just the key

    so i had to read posts and support forum (entrecard) to figure it out

  17. i am still figuring it out..

    Partnership between entrecard and szewho is great..

    yet, i hate to have ppl commented on my blog being rated by others..

    sebab bagi restnrileks... setiap komentar adalah sama penting, sama nilai..sama love.. sama sama sama.. tak kira panjang atau pendek laa..

    but that just me.. and i am installing szewho too.. haha

    even komen seperti " hello there.." pun penting juga..


  18. rizal pak bono setuju sangat lah dengan your idea, setiap komen berharga, cuma yang sombong aje yang bilang komen itu spam ...congrats u are my 15th commenter...

  19. hi where is your sez who to rate?

    thanks for dropping your card.

  20. oh you have a contest will this past for the 20th comment hehehe...

  21. Thank you Mas uda mampir and kasih comment di blog aku.
    Dulu aku ada email tapi gak direspon ama Mas.

  22. Pete thanks for dropping by..this is your 1st comment to my blog come again. Yes!!! your the winner...congrats.

  23. Mas. aku ada baca email tapi lagi busy travel lansung aku lupa. Congrats for your success.

  24. terimakasih...

    thank you so much for the credits. Indeed I was so lucky to drop by...


    good wishes,

  25. Pete, thanks for the comment and recommendation in Entrecard...U are the 1st lah....mana lah Marzie ni???

  26. Wow! I see many Malaysian bloggers hanging around here. I don't know if I'm lucky enough to win the free credits?

    Anyway, I like it when I see Entrecard announced that they have partnered with SezWho. It helps us Entrecarders reduce our bounce rate, the drop-and-go action troubling us.

  27. Kevin thanks for dropping by and your comments and thanks to all fellow Malaysian bloggers who always dropping by to bonoriau...your are really my friends

  28. Hi bono thanks for your tips about my problem.You have mention that I have to put "target_blank" in my html.But actually where?You mean to say I should put this before the original url?

  29. You can put in your html before your "target_"blank" href="" or after the site href=""target_"blank"


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