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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Virtual Catfight (The lost of spirit of Blogging)

Emmmm this is interesting news from Singapore, a lot of things we can learn from this :

The bad blood between the two beautiful queen of local blogosphere has come to a boil. Last Friday, Wendy Cheng, received a letter from lawyer of fellow blogger Dawn Yang. Ms. Yang ask Ms. Cheng to make public apology for alleged defamatory remarks she made against Ms. Yang, and to propose a settlement for the damages. Wooow how much she will propose yeee!!!

Ms. Cheng blog gets about 50,000 hits daily while Ms. Yang's gets 30,000...wooow not bad. The simmering discord between them can be traced back to November 2006. The two were compared in an online forum's "hottest bloggers" ranking and have been making comments about each other on their blogs since.

Some of the other Singaporean bloggers comments :

1. Probably to enhance their site traffic and attention.
2. Is not good for the blogging society

3. Blogger should focus on issues not people and personality.

For me very simple, ask myself Why Do We Blog? Of course for fun, looking for new friends but not enemy .... How about YOU???

Latest Update : Ms. Cheng says Ms. Yang can go ahead and sue her. She is not apologizing.


  1. Oohh this is so embarasing.. a typical cat fight lah Bono... to see who is the fairest of them Should I offer them a poison apple?? lolzz

  2. Ladyjava ...ha ha ha..why not???

  3. Wah!! Sampai saman-menyaman, competitive gitu he he!

    I am back Bono! :):):)

  4. hehe..

    aiyork pak bono..

    hehe..mungkin taktik nak dapat trafik yang lebih tinggi kot.. or..err glamour murahan kot?

    hehe.. come on laa, when the world right now is trembling with lots of other pressing matters, those thing looks petty to me kekekeke

    Rizal terketawa baca cadangan Ladyjava - a poison apple? hehehe

    happy monday.. :)

  5. I blog for money.. Friends and online learning process happens in the process.

  6. Wow, that's an awful lot of hits!! I blog for fun and for a little bit of side income. I hope I won't be in the cat-fight situation.

  7. tx bro dah mapir ke blog saya.

  8. I wish somebody would cat fight with me. I could use that kind of traffic! Anybody want to go to war? LOL

  9. Woah! those two are really hot!

  10. Hi,

    I think it is their tactic to boost traffic. Who knows offline they are having coffee at starbuck and laughing all the way to see their traffic grows exponentially with their antics :)

    In today's world anything is possible.

    Happy blogging and I agreed with you, let's make a lot of friends rather than enemy with blogging.

  11. Bono, here with Mariuca EC for you. Hope u're having a good week so far. :)

  12. Marzie..thanks....pasti seronok di Bandung kan ...cewek-ceweknya pun mantapppp..

  13. Good Luck to both of them, but seriously both girls are not so call intelligent or smart people, if you like little girls stuff, fight and gossip then they are the right target to learn. To me they are just entertainer like what most guys love to watch - WWE

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. we're waiting what is NEXT..from this 2 bloggers.


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