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- Surah 65 At-Talaq 2,3

Sunday, 2 November 2008

And The WINNER of my Twitter Follower CONTEST is ...

CONGRATULATION to the winner of 2000 EC points : Kidtechguru(3699 FOLLOWERS)

Thank you to other 25 participants of my simple Twitter Contest :
talrasha2007(67) emilayusof(372) purplefrogcat(101) TurnuOff(4) sharulazlan(23) whateverebay(700) bluecrystaldude(59) shaxx(214) Mariuca(55) shinade(33) ahynes1(1453) phatelara(22) yan(9) TheNonsenseBlog(184) joyoz(62) indocontest(179) Thyme2dream(166) Jamaipanese(81) ladyjava(68) soloindonesia(717) coolingstar9(389) imitationangel(16) laketrees(106) spartz(83) jeanchia(42) eastcoastlife(156) lankapo(269) aravinthankmb(34)

My Twitter Followers increase from 110 to 181. This is some of analysis from my Twitter followers.

My Twitter Introducer :  talrasha2007
Highest Followers :  guykawasaki - 23,783
Highest Following :  guykawasaki - 27,288
New Comer :  littlesilence & missbumblebee

Thank you to other twitter followers :

laling syahuri allforblue nanashambles sfod_d223 shahdi AlgaeBioFuelPro mariamichelle sheldonSAYWHAT earthmailfree newt1956 mr_mojo_risin treespotter StanHayes monkeykinggfx debbiegootter anefallarme michaelaulia thewritinglife tyna123 ahmadzul homebizresource brexians  sistemrahsia jeet020 Bertrand31 datinggold dearbloggery kapkap JakartaToday corran57 passionategreen Indonesia jay9316 MomStart berryliciousme TauKeY titaniumhijau LovelyPink keralpatel EsteDiaVA karenquessy thechannelc checkmeeveryday PangeranWiguan Sherrygo rampok TechGlance fayans revellian marty0518 subgrenadier Saphrym blogactionday just_a_ride08 armsultan merkal2005 LizzyT Jimconnolly maynaschua focusorganic Ajia_001 dxk_jeffrey Coopd KristenNicole2 AmoreVivo AkmalWardak JerryOng bblweb constantx dejohore mohea MrJavo mazukimustaffa brandontruong marzwanz69 PakciQue ReallyVirtual chetzyusof BillyWarhol princesstimetoy hitsuu dotcombum donssite kahpeng deineshd ArieWijaya tedmurphy cherieogcv alitaa4jvi AlekseiRjazanov Bella_Casa kystorms ceoxi theSugaredLotus amarbhagat swedsnus solidworksalkan lolcelebs NickMarks coffeegroundz eristoddle blanne theyouth TripTheLady sudam08 lightinggal mxyzplk roentarre bchristman aminhers jimkukral TinaMc bidarlah AriesTrade SmallBizBee Zabitatz MichDdot revenue27 ejcooksey vintagevantage teasastips goddessecouture CathLawson collinsom92 Mizohican ili_calla charleswinters GattoGiallo splitdocDOTcom blogmyblogger diana411 walalang3 IntegrityLance varundamark christielove10 TurnipofPower Morshad  myroslimh blogthings dwigger BlogVibrations ChristianBiz kranjcarz paulocoelho meemOe ezrich groupieblog mybloglog
Some of Twitter applications  I found from my 5 posting on Twitter.
1. Twitter for music
2. Tweetwhatyouspend
3. Tweetwharyoueat
4. Twitterfox
5. Twitterfeed
6. Twitter Facebook App
7. Twitter background
8.  Twittercounter
9. Twittad

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  1. Congratulations to Kidtechguru!

  2. Wow! I am the first commenter!

    by the way thanks for being one of my top 10 ec droppers!

  3. Shaxx CONGRATS be my 1st commenter. You will see you banner as my 1st commenter soon.

    Hope I'll maintain my top 10 position this month.

  4. Thanks! I can see my banner up there. Cool!

  5. Congrats to the winner!!!

    Have a great Monday Bono!!

  6. LJ thank. Love your MM. I'll will follow soon.

  7. Congrats to the winner!! Wow that's fantastic!! and congrats to you Shaxx on being the first commentator.

    Now for you friend Bono, you have been tagged with a meme and an award!!

    I hope you like!!:-)))

  8. you can`t tag me with the meme.Shinade already tagged me with it....have a great week

  9. congratulations to the winner and thanks for all the hard work that you have put into this competition Bono :) :)

  10. Thanks shinade! I have been waiting to get that spot for a long time! hehe!

  11. Shinade thank you for the meme and award. I always love to receive any AWARD. It really motivate me to work more harder. THANK YOU.

  12. That is a lot of followers. Congrats to the winner.

  13. Congrats to Kidtechguru! wow..3699 followers huh ;-)

  14. dropping a card on you..have a wonderful week with the family

  15. No MM entry Bono??? Boo hoo!!

  16. LJ soon..too many things to post heee

  17. Bono! You are back~ :)

    Oh, thank you for the mention in above post. Anyhow, you are in my top 10 EC top dropper for October. Congrats!

    Have a nice day Bono. Glad to see you again :)


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