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Friday, 25 July 2008

The Spirit of Million Dollar Blogger

Yaro Starak has just published an audio interview with one of his former students (and now a coach) from BlogMastermind Alborz Fallah.

Alborz Fallah is a previous student of Yaro and owns the blog - a blog that has enabled him to grow his blog to a point where it’s been valued at over $5 million - have a partnership with Yahoo, take on investors and more. It’s pretty impressive since he only started blogging in 2006! Alborz’s story is fantastic and it shows you can start a blog from nothing, focus on a passion and turn it into a multi-million dollar business. In the interview Alborz and Yaro talk about how he grew his blog, how he brought on board financial backers and grew his income to 7-figures.
This guy is getting luxury cars to review, is competing with the biggest car sites in this country and employs 6 full time staff.
Here’s the interview (there’s a transcript too) - it’s a great story with tips on writing content, finding readers and more.

"His blog gets phenomenal traffic, brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue each year and Alborz has traveled to Europe to drive some of the most prestigious sports cars ever created. His blog became a true business and Alborz has to be one of the luckiest people in the world, living out a passion every single day and earning big money along the way.

What’s really great about this story though, is that Alborz started out just like you and me. He wasn’t sure what topic to write about, so he created three blogs at once to see which one would stick. The car blog got the traffic so he dropped the other two and slowly built up his site off the back of his own content."
Be sure to check out the full interview over at Entrepreneurs Journey. It’s pretty inspiring.
Some of the responses from the bloggers :
"that was really good motivation story, how could people have no nothing, even only idea as the content can achieve good result and big success? awesome."
"Pretty impressive this blog. Good design, good articles, always update, big troop with great skills, lot’s of money."
"Several million dollars in just a few years! That’s awesome."
"This is great great stuff. It is amazing how he went from a no body to a million dollar blogger in just two years. Hopefully that can be my success story :)"

P/S : This is one of the success story Why Do We Blog?

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this story. From what you have summarized so far, it seems like a really inspiring story. I'll go over to Yaro's site and check it out now.

  2. Marie, this story is for my personal collection. It's really inspiring me and really hope one find day I'll have my own success story. thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Bono, from a nobody to a millionaire would be an awesome success story for me too he he! Doesn't necessarily have to be via blogging, so long as can become millionaire! ;)

  4. Marzie, yaa lah long millionaire but other ways need miliion also to be millionaire

  5. blog hopping! mind if we exchange links? :D

    I would love to be a millionaire too. We all do don't we? But from blogging? Now that's something!

    Business Mars

  6. Maricel, happy monday. thanks for dropping by. Why not exchange link!!

  7. 7 Figure blogger? This is way too advance than Problogger. This story is truly inspiring fellow bloggers to keep blogging and do something that we like.

  8. Atniz, thanks for stopping by. We must enjoy what ever we are doing and this will drive us forward for success...but success not just come ever nite.

  9. This is a very inspiring story. The main ingredient for success like this is usually passion. If you dn't have a passion for what you do, nothing can take you this far.

  10. AZ, thanks for stopping by and I'm totally agree with your opinion. We should learn from success blogger and hoping that their also willing to guide us.

  11. Good morning Bono! Giving u a wake up call! ;)

  12. Marzie, very very Good morning ...wah wah your really fighting for the tee di emila weblog.

  13. i agr wht u.. nscsr spirit mln... he..he..

  14. Thanks for the clip. I really appreciate it. Hopefully it will make me a millionaire too. Hehehe.

  15. Millionaire... why not? ..nothing is impossible


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