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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Why Do We Blog : Networking, Make Money, Hobby or Diary (Part II)

Last week I post an article on Why Do We Blog and the feedback from our fellow bloggers are very good.

Here some of the comments Why Do We Blog :

Trisna why do i blog?
1. Just for fun
3. writing and journalism hobby
3. networking -- friends

Eric - InfiniteWebProfit said...
I blog for fun and for profit.
Michael Aulia said...Thanks for the linky.. I wouldn't call myself an Enterpreneur though with that income :D
I used to blog for fun only, but if you can earn a bit, why not?

nepspeed82 said...I blog to make money. Unfortunately, I'm barely earning any. Now, I blog to learn things again then blog about it to see what I've missed why i'm barely getting anything from my effort.
rizal said...Pak Bono,I blog for fun. The fun thing is, i make new friends too. Like You. Whuhu!!
internet 4 money said...It was just a diary for me when I start blogging. But now, I make a living from it
Lady Rose said...I blog for fun, to have a place to keep all my writing in one place (a couple places since I have a few blogs with different themes), to keep me motivated to reach a goal, as an online journal, and if I make a few pennies along the way to cover the cost of hosting I'm happy. :)
Steve said...Blogging is fun. I blog as a true hobby and passion. I feel I have knowledge that needs to be shared, but no one really wants to listen so I blog. At least it is now available. Anyways Have a wonderful day
balidreamhome meet such a good person such as you are buddy !!
Gary R. Hess said...Good god that is an addicting picture. Every time I come here I find my eyes looking towards it... I must fight them in order to move on :-P
tyna said...I blog for fun and to meet new people,I started blogging when we moved to another country as a means keeping in touch with my friends and family. Focusing on one area will be difficult for me because like you am so passionate about so many things.I am into a lot of offline business that I don't really care about making money from my blogs now all i want is to do my thing which is just writing down my feelings & views.
Atniz said...I blog for money.. Friends and online learning process happens in the process.
Emila Yusof said...I blog for fun and for a little bit of side income. I hope I won't be in the cat-fight situation
The comments really keep up my spirit; to stir the spirit of others; to stir my blood, my brain, and my beliefs. Thank you for the comments ....How about the others??
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  1. I blog for some extra pocket money. While sharing information and making new friends, why not make some money from it right? I don't really expect to get rich by blogging. But if I'm able to make more money than what I've planned for, it's a bonus for me(and luck).Best to you all bloggers.

  2. Barry, I agree with you....Million of people online every second. If we know the How, I'm sure we can make little bit of income.

  3. Hola Bono! I like Bali's response, seems like u two are great buddies! :):):)

  4. Marzie, u are also my great buddies .. Kami pernah organise contest bersama dan Bali pernah menjadi my guest blogger... ayo we organise contest...Bono willing to sponsor the prizes ..and may be kita bisa invite rakan-rakan sponsor the prizes...t-shirt, ec points, 125 x 125 add for 1 month ..any many more..really miss Our frens Pak zubli..heee

  5. Bono, you are at MPG today, thanks for advertising at my blog. Hope to give u some good clicks today! :)

    Ah tu la, Zubli menghilangkan diri, sudah lama tak chat dengan Zubli! :(

  6. Marzie, itu lah sekali dapat 512 value lepas tu semua 1024 and 2000 ++ ..pasti ramai yang Q di entrecard U..mantap..Pak zubli lagi busy dengan his another blog with new community..semuga dia terus sukses

  7. Hello Bonoriau,
    I like your blog a lot, i like your design and i would like to know where did you find this VERY COOL template for Blogger. Please tell me.
    Best for you and for all bloggers!

  8. Until you answer me i will subscribe!!!

  9. Honey, thanks for dropping by..check at blogger tutorial on my right side..U will find out some blogging tips and good blogger design

  10. I blog to improve my writing skills as well as to experience money making from the Internet.

  11. Yes U are the 10th commenter..congrats

  12. Mantab juga lah blognya! Lebih jago! Saya kan masih baru. Ajarin dong. Kayaknya blognya dimonetize abis nih. Thanks sudah sering mampir.

  13. cihuy, makasih mampir. aku pun lagi baru belajar. makasih pada teman dari seluruh dunia yang sudi bantu.thanks to all my dear friends who really support and make my blog alive.

  14. I blog for fun, friends and money! It's an avenue for me to express my thoughts and since I have so much to say anyway... why not right??

    Here with an apple for you.. no poison one lah!! lolzz!!

  15. I blog primarily for myself. A diary of the myriad of ideas that are running inside my head. Of course I also make money from most of my blogs :)

  16. hi,

    I blog to share my marketing experience. Then for networking to find more friends and finally make money as my second income source apart from my conventional business.

    All the best to all friends here.

    Keep sharing great stuff bono!

  17. Hi Bono!!
    Thanks for the EC credits.. yeay..i did not even realised I was your 15th Commenter.. yihaa!!

  18. Congrats Ladyjava being 15th commenter..thanks for your support.

    @Sasha and Rosli thanks for the comments ... I'm really hope one day bonoriau will also be my income machine ..hee

  19. Thanks buddy. Bonoriau just send me 100EC for my 10th comment.

    And could this be the 20th comment ?

  20. Kaching ! My comment was the 20th Comment

    Bonoriau, your post is really picking up comments and I must say it a great idea. In fact, I kind of borrow your idea and will also give a small token to my commentators.

    And that another reason for blogging, i.e. cyber interaction (with reward of course).

  21. Congrats you are my 20th commenter..U own me 400 comments ..heee joking

  22. I want to answer, too! As for me, I blog to express myself mainly. I want to leave a little piece of me, so that when I am old and all I can do is to let my grandkids surf the net for me, I could tell them my life story based on my blog posts.

    Next to that would be earning money and meeting other people.

  23. Jennwashere, thanks for dropping by and you have a different reason to blogging ..interesting

  24. Although I have several blogs I blog on one for fun, and the other to pass on free information and surprisingly both get about the same amount of hits per day.
    I haven't monetized either of my main blogs, although one will accept sponsorship but the other won't lol, but it was always my decision from the outset that the information I provided on my main blog would always be free with no affiliated links or ads to click on, it works for me :)
    Have a great weekend,
    Colin from Life & Free PC Security

  25. cotojo thanks for the good tips

  26. Heyhooooooooooo (^_-) how come i don't remember i ever made that statement ya? hahaha... (duh')

    I should be more active in your site now (^^p) hehe...

    LOVE your new look Bono
    Happy Sunday!

    ,.-*'oo'*-.,_Chronicles of Trisna_,.-*'oo'*-.,

  27. Trisna, happy sunday to you too...please come again and share your creative idea.

  28. I blog for the fun of it and being a stay at home mom of 3 kids in school, i have too much free time on my hands when i am not running errands for my family..

  29. Hello bono, I blog for looking some new friends by networking, add my knowledge, and off course make some money from my blog

  30. I started out blogging as an online journal of sorts. I didn't think for a moment that anyone would be tempted to read about me.

  31. That's why I love when people stop by and comment. Whether they like or dislike what I have to say...they've cared enough to say so. :)


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